CMTS SLING – UNI 11779:2020 Lifting equipment and related accessories

The CMTS sling is a lifting system in polyester fiber designed and manufactured for limited lifting cycles, intended for packaging, handling and transport in the steel sector (CMTS), to be used exclusively in transit from the factory and / or merchant of the steel product , up to the destination of its first customer, to be removed from service and destroyed at the end of the first unloading operation.

CMTS should not be confused with woven tape slings defined by UNI EN 1492-1 intended for multiple uses.

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Correct use of CMTS

When selecting and specifying a CMTS sling, consideration must be given to the WLL required, taking into consideration the way of use and the nature of the load to be lifted. The size, shape and weight, together with the intended methods of use, work environment and nature of the load influence the correct choice.

CMTS slings must not be overloaded: the correct modal factor must be used.

Good slinging practices must be followed: lifting and lowering operations must be planned before the start of the load, they must be correctly positioned and securely connected to the load.

The correct method of securing a load with the double choke configuration provides added safety and helps prevent the load from slipping through the sling.

Presence of the label - Marking

The sling marking contains the following:

  • Maximum working load, in vertical lifting;
  • The material of the tape, i.e. polyester;
  • The CMTS description;
  • The nominal length in meters;
  • The name, symbol, trademark of the manufacturer and, where possible, the name and address of the authorized representative;
  • The traceability code;

Instruction and maintenance manual for CMTS sling accessories at the exclusive use of our customers.

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